More Updates!


The sign is installed at last! I really like the way it turned out.


The plumbing and building out of the coral systems has gotten some decent work done to them, still waiting on additional sumps and some plumbing odds and ends,  Over all I like the way they look and they should be very functional.


All the hydro-dynamic sponges, loc line and tanks plumbed.  Also they’re filling!  About 600g so far.


Finished up the front desk area, just waiting for the counter top to be delivered.  Its a gorgeous blue granite.


The tanks for; calcium chloride solution, sodium bicarbonate solution, salt water and RO/DI have finally arrived.  Now I can really start producing water to get everything filled and cycled as quickly as possible.

20140701_193603As always please comment, like and follow.  I hope to have everything ready for a late July opening stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “More Updates!

    • Hey Dave, the RO/DI I’m using is a piggy back 150GPD unit that I made with part I had. Yes most of it is from BRS. The large polypropylene tanks are for RO/DI and Salt water, the smaller two are for calcium solution and alkalinity solution for two part dosing. I’m going to be selling both the RO/DI and Salt water, as well as doing refills of CAL and ALK solutions.

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