Starting to look like a store

Hey guys we’re really starting to look like a store.  Merchandise is arriving and being inventoried.  The fish and coral systems are running well and getting close to being cycled and ready for livestock.

August 7th I have to attend a city council meeting to receive my conditional use permit then after that I need a few inspections and should be ready to open by the middle of August!






The DIY LED lighting for the fish system turned out better than I had planned.  All of them are running off of a 3A 60V Power supply.  With the energy savings and not having to replace bulbs it is going to be fantastic for our overhead.







We’re going to be using the PayPal partners point of sale system.  This is our register, cash drawer, and receipt printer.  The software allows us to compile a fantastic customer database for storing purchase information or any store credit acquired, as well as an email list for sending out great sales and promos.  Also our inventory database is second to none and working with some of the best aquatics wholesalers in the north east we will be able to get anything required by our customers within just a few business days.  (With the exception of custom work or extremely specific items.)

We are so excited to get finished and open for business so we can meet and provide our high quality products to the growing hobbyist base.   I look forward to meeting all of you and thanks as always. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.

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